Our Story ↓

Community is something we value here, and that’s exactly how we started. From the beginning, scadlr has strived to help others and create an easier life for small businesses. Founder and CEO, Puneet Gangal, realized a need for a product one night over dinner with his wife. A small business owner herself (Create a Cook, Newton MA), Geeti Gangal was overwhelmed and stressed by the inefficient scheduling process she had for cooking events and classes. After listening to her explain the issues she was facing, Puneet felt compelled to create scadlr, a software designed for businesses to not only schedule events but to manage staff, automate rosters, and organize waitlists. Since then, scadlr has become a product that is flexible, accommodating, and supportive. We hope our story inspires you to tackle your scheduling head on with scadlr

Meet the Team

The team culture at scadlr is all about fun, inclusivity, and innovation. We love being surrounded by bright individuals with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. Event management should be fun, not stressful, and we’re here to keep it that way! Our work environment reflects this – from our flexible hours to our weekly company outings, we’re always striving to strengthen our core team so that we can deliver the best possible results to you.

**bios of Anna, PG, and a marketing representative**

Client Spotlight ↓

“Our clients are the reason for everything we do. Our around the clock support team is here to ensure that everything runs smoothly – from the initial demo call to the lasting support and maintenance of scadlr for your business. We believe in a client-centric approach, which means that you are always at the forefront of our mission. “

Patty Chen’s Dumpling School ​

The Dumpling School has been a client of scadlr’s since _____. Located in Cambridge, MA, Patty Chen and her husband/business partner Marc, have been cooking and hosting events for over ten years. In their classes, you can learn to make traditional dumplings from scratch and have fun while doing it! They offer events such as dumpling date night, bachelorette dumpling parties and corporate sessions. Watch Marc’s testimonial to hear firsthand how scadlr has supported these classes.

Create a Cook ​

Mentioned before on the “Our Story” page, the scadlr team has a personal connection to Create a Cook. The business located in Newton, MA offers a range of cooking tutorial classes for all ages. Whether its an after-school program or a team building event, the team at Create a Cook have it all covered. Using scadlr, the frustration of scheduling went away, and they were able to categorize classes as well as manage rosters.

The Gathering Table

Down in Florida, The Gathering Table is bringing homemade cooking to everyone. Their scadlr calendar is filled with delicious classes such as “Sicilian Table”, “Mexican Fiesta”, and “Southern Comfort”. The variety of features on scadlr allows them to really brand each event and make it their own. Their business is a great example of how scadlr is unique to each client.