Our Story 


Community is something we value here, and that’s exactly how we started. Founder and CEO, Puneet Gangal, realized a need for a product one night over dinner with his wife, Geeti Gangal. A small business owner herself (Create a Cook, Newton MA), Geeti was overwhelmed by inefficiencies in her scheduling process. After listening to Geeti, Puneet felt compelled to create scadlr, a software designed for businesses to not only schedule events, but also to manage staff, automate rosters, organize waitlists, and more. Ever since, scadlr has become a product that is flexible, accommodating, and supportive.

From the beginning, scadlr has strived to make life easier for small businesses. As a small business ourselves, we understand the everyday stressors and unique challenges that present. We use this insider knowledge to consistently tailor our approach and develop new features with your best interest in mind. We hope that our story inspires you to tackle your scheduling head on with scadlr.