Community is something we value here, and that’s exactly how we started. First, Founder and CEO, Puneet Gangal, realized a need for an event management product one night over dinner with his wife, Geeti Gangal (owner of Create a Cook in Newton, Massachusetts). A small business owner herself, Geeti was overwhelmed by inefficiencies that clouded her scheduling process and took the fun away from event planning. She needed to go paperless and find a product that would make sense for Create a Cook. After listening to Geeti, Puneet felt compelled to create a software system that would allow businesses to not only schedule events, but to also manage staff, automate rosters, organize waitlists, and more – all in one place. This product is now known as scadlr.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the team at scadlr developed the first build and began to work with Create a Cook. Integrating straight into their site, scadlr was the perfect match and event planning had a clearer picture. We are proud to say that scadlr has become a product that is flexible, accommodating, and supportive for businesses of all kinds, though as a small business ourselves, we tend to develop a special relationship with other small businesses! We understand first-hand the intricacies that come with keeping your business afloat, and we dedicate our time to ensuring a seamless event management process. What started as an idea to help ease the stress of his wife has now developed into a platform that we are happy to say helps countless clients on a daily basis.

We sincerely hope that our story inspires you to tackle your scheduling head on with scadlr. Happy scheduling!

– the scadlr, LLC. team ​