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Your Events, Your Way

We work with all types of people and businesses, but don’t worry, scadlr has a solution for all of them. Explore the expanding world of events, programs, classes, camps below!

Cooking Classes
Chef up something great with scadlr. From introductory baking to intermediate classes, we help you manage it all.
Paint n' Sip
We help art studios schedule amazing events, from paint n' sip to drawing, coloring, sculpture, and beyond.
Fitness Classes
Reach those fitness AND business goals by renting out your studio and holding classes. Yoga, group exercise, spin, we can plan it all.
Schedule a stress-free summer or school vacation with us. Have all your camps in order and bump up registration!
Private Parties
Clients can request a private party/event for a special occasion or just for fun. Cater to their needs and book out your space.
Corporate Events
Need a system that can track both your typical and special bookings? Scadlr knows that corporate events are popular and in demand. Be ready for them!
After School Programs
Balancing childcare and scheduling can be chaotic. With our system, get everything organized and increase sign ups.

Our features are designed to take your business to the next level

Re-imagine how you plan and manage your events. Hosting has never been so easy – cue a season full of amazing events!

event customization

Take control of your scadlr calendar and allow your unique personality to shine.


Sell products and gift cards directly to customers. Delivery and pick-up options available.

automated rosters

Stay in the know about who will be attending your events with our real-time reporting.

dedicated support

Above all, we’re here to help you succeed. Contact us at any time, for any reason.

Industries at a Glance

We love working with various businesses and making lasting connections along the way. From cooking to fitness to entertainment and beyond, we got you covered. Again, it’s all about the scadlr solution. 

Arts + entertainment

Paint and Sip, Ceramics, Drawing, and more. Allow your creativity to shine with scadlr.

Fitness + Sports

Yoga studios, gyms, group classes, and more. With scadlr, it’s easy to plan your next fitness class.

Culinary + Baking

Pasta making classes, cooking for beginners, cake making, and more. We can help you handle your cooking needs.

Affordable event management without compromising on quality

We are dedicated to making simple, stress-free event management accessible to all. You deserve to take a few things off your plate so that you can focus on providing awesome events for your customers. Allow us to handle the rest.

solution for software

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