More than a schedule.

A better online reservation system.

Scadlr is an online reservation system for classes and events. Manage your events and staff schedule and see real-time business details. Boost registration numbers with a user-friendly interface that allows customers to register for events themselves!

Better for your customers

Browse events on one calendar to see all offerings and view registrations.

Private event scheduling is streamlined.

Purchase with the click of a button with user-friendly checkout process.

Better for your business

Manage staff scheduling and hours.

Generate reports based on events, orders, gift cards, etc..

Communicate quickly and easily with an entire class.

Features that make it better for you

  • Schedule Events
  • Manage Staffing
  • Accept Payments
  • View Real-Time Reports
  • Sell Merchandise & Gift Cards
  • Require Online Waivers
  • Generate Roster
  • Manage Registration and Waitlist

Have complete control over every detail when creating an event- you choose what type of event it is, set registration limits, prices, descriptions, and more! Boost business by writing catchy descriptions and adding photos to event pages.

Manage staff scheduling all on one page! Streamline your administrative work by scheduling staff on events when you create events or anytime after. Allow your staff members to log in so that they can view their schedule and class roster for more direct communication.


Process customer payments seamlessly, safely, and securely with Stripe™. Add charges and refund customers through your admin portal without worrying about manually keeping track of finances!
Stripe, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Concord, CA.

No more manually updating spreadsheets! Instantly generate order, sales, and events reports to stay on top of your business details and focus on what is working best. Filter your reports to see only what is important for your business.

Offer merchandise and gift cards for online purchase so customers can shop 24/7 anywhere they want! Scadlr will automatically generate and send e-gift card codes for use online and allow you to track gift card spending.

Make sure all your participants are ready for their events! Allow customers to fill out waivers online when they purchase events or Scadlr will automatically remind customers to make sure they have completed all their forms.

Registration info automatically syncs with the roster so you never need to manually enter information. Instantly generate a roster for any event with important registration information so that your instructors can run the perfect class for whoever is in the room!

Make digital registrations and collect any information you need from customers before they show up for events. Stop losing revenue on costly cancellations with automated waitlist management, so you can fill every seat with no hassle!

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