With your payment plan, you can rest assured that we don’t charge extra for certain features- you get it all! Included is full access to reporting features, event, merchandise, gift card sales, and so much more. Head on over to our features page for more information or reach out to one of our care team specialists directly. 

We charge a flat 2% fee on every transaction made through scadlr. Here’s the good part – you decide who pays it. Your business can cover it, your customers can, or you can split it. (That means your customers can absorb the small fee and you can use scadlr free of charge!). We designed scadlr with flexibility in mind, so that you can allow your company to shine.

Sit back and allow scadlr to do the heavy lifting – you don’t have to stress about getting set up. Our team will integrate scadlr into your website and take care of the set up so that your business can transition seamlessly into the platform. The scadlr support team is always here to answer any questions you may have throughout every stage of the process. Your satisfaction is our main priority!

The scadlr calendar will be integrated directly on your website, where customers will have easy access to your awesome events. We will integrate scadlr into your website and add your logo to the calendar so there is no confusion for your customers. It’s that simple!

Nope! You can add as many or as few events, classes, or camps as you would like. If you can host it, we can handle it. You can even manage multiple locations through a single business account.

Absolutely! Fill out a quick contact form so we can schedule a live demo call. Our team will get to know your unique business needs and highlight how scadlr will work for you! After that, you can decide if scadlr may be a fit for your business.

Scadlr comes fully integrated with Google Analytics, which means you get to see how many people have visited your page, how long they stayed, which pages they looked at, and more. Our customers have absolutely loved this feature of scadlr as it gives you a better understanding of your client base. You also get access to geographical data, which can be helpful if you run businesses in multiple locations! Our team will walk you through Google Analytics step by step (if need be) and explain how to use this feature. 

YES! You get to choose all of the images and cover photos used on the calendar, and your logo will be automatically added to your scadlr page. We keep your unique brand identity in mind throughout all stages of integration. We want you to shine, and we want your customers to know it’s you.